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Poster printing – laminated posters. Let them shine!

With available colors and laminated foil finishing — the sky's the limit!

Posters are a recognized and widely used form of advertising. They are excellent both outdoors, in public spaces, and inside buildings or rooms. If you want to print your own poster to be displayed outdoors, where it is exposed to various weather conditions, pick a solution that ensures durability and high-quality workmanship. You can achieve this with laminated poster printing.

The additional protective layer of fine film makes your custom poster mode durable and more visually pleasing. It will make the colors on your custom poster look more vivid and brighter.

The distinctive glossy effect is an excellent solution for poster prints where you desire high-quality workmanship and durability of the material. Additionally, the gloss gives an impression of premium quality, which is an added message conveyed in favor of your brand.

Durability and gloss – gloss film on your custom poster

Gloss film, in addition to its protective properties, improves the durability of the poster, makes it more rigid and introduces a gloss effect. It also offers an additional advantage – it makes the shades on your poster more vivid and brighter, and it increases contrast to bring out the colors and attract the eye. The effect is lasting due to the protective film.

With the film, your custom poster design withstands adverse weather and clearly stands out from other posters lacking such a finish.

Gloss film is a fine layer of plastic on your custom poster applied for a distinctive glossy effect. It also makes your poster more resistant to wear, mechanical damage or even splashing. This is particularly important for personalized posters hanging near busy streets and in places exposed to weather conditions.

Weather conditions aside, the film simply permits a longer display of your customized posters, which you can account for in your media plan. This way, you do not have to check the condition of all advertising media too often. You can see how important this is by looking at posters following the first rain, especially after a windy and humid day, which is typical of your climate zone.

Laminated Posters

Let's get to work!

Configure available options in no time, order for execution and — as always — enjoy the precise shipping date.
Laminated Posters

What do you need in order to make your own poster?

First of all, a design – not just to meet your aesthetic needs but mainly to reach the target audience with your message. You are not the one to whom the poster is addressed. You need a conscious graphic artist to understand the requirements for your custom poster. This stage happens outside of the printing shop and is beyond its control. Still, make sure the designer knows and takes advantage of the poster printing services offered by the printing shop to create a custom poster with a powerful impact on the audience and an accurate message about the values of the brand.

Before printing posters, think about the size. For laminated poster printing, the online printing shop offers the following formats:

  • A2 – 420 x 594 mm
  • A3 – 297 x 420 mm
  • B2 – 480 x 680 mm
  • B3 – 336 x 480 mm

You can also choose from various grammage of gloss art paper (we do not use matte art paper for laminated posters). Chroma offers either 170 g or 250 g gloss art paper.

Laminated custom posters in A2 and B2 formats can be additionally reinforced with tinning. The range of tinning colors includes silver, white or black. First check on which sides of your custom poster you want them – define poster orientation. If it is vertical, you need the tinning along the short sides, if horizontal – along the long sides.

No tinning is available for the remaining formats of your custom posters, but they are not necessary for A3 or B3 posters. For laminated poster printing, you can choose:

  • single-sided posters – full color print but on one side only
  • double-sided posters – full color on both sides
  • monochromatic posters – one color (black) on one side

The maximum available order volume is 100,000 posters.

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