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Are you printing colour self-adhesive labels on a roll for the first time? You don't like taking a shot in the dark? You're right. We have something which will convince you to cooperate with us. A sample of substrates on which you can print your product labels, check the quality of the substrate, the adhesive used and match the best one to your product.

Order a substrate sample

Self-adhesive labels - what shape and size do you choose?

Our printed product labels on a roll can be ordered in as many as four shapes. It is up to you which one you choose. Perfectly round? Or maybe oval? Did you know that every square is a rectangle, but not every rectangle is a square? You don't have to remember that, but you just need to know that you can print both square and rectangular labels with us. The shape is not enough? Choose the size too!

Label printing... Printing the possibilities!


One batch – several versions

No more printing large quantities of labels that later end up in the warehouse. We understand the needs of smaller businesses. For this reason, responding to their needs, we give you the possibility to order several versions of the same label, within one batch!

Printing labels on many substrates

When choosing the material for your labels, you should, first of all, analyse in which conditions the products will be stored and at what temperature the application to packaging will take place. In our printing house, you will find many types of substrates, ranging from coated papers to ecological papers. Everyone will find something suitable for their product.

White PP film

Polypropylene film - the most popular glossy film with a wide range of applications. When printing labels on this type of foil, you can be sure that they will be characterised by high durability and resistance to moisture and mechanical actions. PP film is resistant to water, grease, and chemicals. The foil is definitely more durable than paper labels.

Clear PP film

Transparent polypropylene foil, glossy. Transparent foil with a wide range of applications. Depending on the application, remember about white underprint when creating graphic designs, if it is necessary. When printing labels on this type of foil, you can be sure that they will be characterised by high durability and resistance to moisture and mechanical actions. PP film is resistant to water, grease, and chemicals. The foil is definitely more durable than paper labels.

Silver PP film

Polypropylene foil with a silver colour. Great for use in the food industry or cosmetic industry. Remember about the possibility of printing in white colour if the project requires it. When printing labels on this type of foil, you can be sure that they will be characterised by high durability and resistance to moisture and mechanical actions.

Label paper

Standard, universal coated paper used for printing colour labels. The most popular material for labels for products intended for short exposition without exposure to adverse conditions such as high humidity. Labels printed on this paper are mainly used for products exposed indoors. The main applications for this type of paper are foodstuffs, packaging, bottles, and boxes.

Decorative paper

Uniquely textured paper with a universal acrylic adhesive ideal for printing labels on a wide range of bottles.

Recycled paper

Ecological papers are produced from 15% agro-industrial by-products and 40% post-consumer recycled paper, reducing CO2 emissions by 20% compared to standard paper labels. By choosing this type of paper, you have a real impact on the environment, and your products can be more eco-friendly.

Kraft paper

High-quality unbleached paper. Thanks to its unique colours, it refers to the colours of the earth, emphasising the natural and environmentally friendly character of the products it identifies.

Glueing matters

When choosing a label, it's important to consider not only the size and type of material it will be printed on, but also the choice of adhesive. We've matched the best type of adhesive to each substrate.

Multi-purpose adhesive

The most versatile and popular type of adhesive for your labels. This is an acrylic-based adhesive, characterised by very good adhesion to most surfaces such as glass, plastic and packaging. It works well when the labels are used in low temperatures. With this adhesive, you can be sure that your labels will stick firmly to the surface.

Strong adhesive

This is a very strong rubber adhesive, which is characterised by very good adhesion to all surfaces. It is water-resistant and therefore ideal for labelling surfaces exposed to difficult conditions such as damp or cold.


Automatic or manual application As you wish!

Our labels are printed on a roll, so they can be applied either automatically or manually. If the application is manual, the labels will be delivered on a roll of 33cm width with an internal diameter of 76mm, or on a sheet of 33x36cm size (in case of smaller batches). Labels are placed side by side, ready for use and easy to peel off the carrier in the final format (without trimming).

However, in the case of automatic application, the width of the roll (core) on which the substrate with printed labels will be wound depends on the width of the label. In this case, it is also necessary to choose the diameter of the core (76mm and 40mm) and the correct orientation of the roll (external only), so that all parameters agree with the requirements of the automatic labelling device.

Your labelling machine will thank you. Optimise your production process. No more trade-offs!

Label artwork files.

The graphic design of the label should be prepared according to the guidelines available on the subpage: How to prepare the file. Otherwise, it will not be accepted and submitted for printing. The CMYK colour scheme applies, all fonts must be converted to curves, images must be embedded, and the finished print file should be supplied in pdf format.

Turn your business around with labels on a roll!

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Roll labels + Fast delivery = Chroma

Standard or express? Choose the type of delivery that is most suitable for you. We understand the needs of all businesses. Both those who want to save time and those who are looking to save money. Time is money for you? Then it's a priority for us. Choose express delivery if you need fast and on-time delivery.


Quality, quality... and more Chroma!

Printing labels on a roll is serious business! In this business, quality counts, and quality in - is a standard. Make sure your product looks better on the shelf than the competitors’ product. And you must know that while reading these words, you are already one step away from it! Check why it is worth choosing us and find out what our QUALITY GUARANTEE consists of.
  • If you start your adventure with online printing and you make a mistake, we will accept your complaint.
  • If the colour scheme deviates from the norm, we will print the batch again.
  • We guarantee free delivery.
  • If the courier loses or damages your package, we will immediately print the missing or damaged batch.
  • We guarantee on-time delivery.


Self-adhesive labels on a roll

There is quality. There is shape. There is size.
There is material. THERE IS EVERYTHING!

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