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Varnished poster printing
Durability and an excellent impression

Option for people who think that varnish and good impressions are a perfect match.

Sometimes a poster must stand up to conditions not entirely optimal for this form of communication. For example, it may be exposed to humid air or continuous draft. At the same time, it is expected to look perfect for a long time – attract the eye, stand out and make a premium impression. How can you make this work? Choose the varnished posters offered by Chroma.

Do you want durability and a powerful effect? Finish your custom poster with varnish

Whether you are opting for a single-sided poster or a double-sided poster, you expect it to be a premium product to significantly improve the esthetics and contribute to the style of the interior. Perhaps you would like a minimalist custom poster printed in one color with one element that is emphasized only by gloss – for example, your logo or another significant detail of the graphic design.

The effect is elegant and attracts the eye of the observer to precisely the area you want to highlight. This is due to selective varnish coating.

Varnishing additionally enhances and thickens the surface of your poster and improves the quality of the printed colors. In varnished places, the hues seem brighter and more vivid.

You already know that you want varnished custom posters. What varnish will you choose?

Varnish coating is by itself an excellent idea whenever you want to give your poster a distinctive look, but particular types of varnishes differ from one another. The Chroma online printing shop offers two varnish types to enhance and improve poster prints.

  • High Gloss UV varnish – the agents it contains enhances the gloss to the highest attainable extent.
  • Drip Off varnish – it ensures a partial gloss effect, but also matte combined with the slight coarseness of the varnished surface. It is a hybrid varnish, merging the characteristics of UV varnish with dispersion varnish. It gives a poster an intriguing look resulting from a selected glossy element (for example a logo) against a matte background.

To make your own poster with other types of finishing, go to the Premium Posters section of Chroma’s website. You can navigate there directly from the Varnished posters webpage.

High Gloss UV-Varnished Posters

High gloss!

Premium impressions! High Gloss UV Varnish will provide your projects with extra GLEAMour.

Time to choose paper for your varnished custom poster

Chroma offers the following art paper for poster printing:

  • gloss art paper of a grammage 130 g, 170 g, 250 g or 350 g,
  • matte art paper of a grammage 130 g, 170 g, 250 g or 350 g,

Remember that the higher the paper grammage, i.e. its weight expressed in grams per square meters, the more rigid and visually elegant the poster.

Chroma offers the following formats for your varnished custom posters:

  • A1 (594 x 841 mm)
  • A2 (420 x 594 mm)
  • A3 (297 x 420 mm)
  • B1 (680 x 980 mm)
  • B2 (480 x 680 mm)
  • B3 (336 x 480 mm)

If you have trouble deciding which paper to choose, order paper templates. It is indeed better to touch the paper and feel its rigidity and texture before ordering poster printing services.

Reinforce your posters with slide binders

Slide binding is an important poster printing solution for product durability and your comfort. You can use metal bars to secure either long or short sides of the poster – always the top and the bottom.

What do you gain with slide binders for your custom poster?

  • You can transport varnished posters with little risk of damage.
  • With the hole in the upper binder, you can put up your posters easily.
  • You do not have to worry about the durability and appearance of the poster becoming compromised. Secured with the finishing varnish and additionally with slide binders, your custom poster will last and look beautiful for a long time.
  • Slide binding additionally enhances the effect of a premium product that is polished and protected.

Your varnished custom posters shipped soon

With the configurator of the Chroma online printing shop, you can incredibly quickly and efficiently make your own poster, whether varnished or laminated.

The order volume limit is from 30 to 100,000. If you place the order before 4 p.m., you may expect your varnished posters on the next day.

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