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Double-sided poster printing – more message on one poster

More space, even more benefits!
Even more space for your presentation — be it an advertisement or a custom made project.

The majority of the posters we see in the streets, in public institutions, event venues, offices or apartments on a daily basis are single-sided posters. But perhaps you have noticed advertising posters displayed at city transport stops or in some display windows where both sides have artwork – either the same or different. These are double-sided posters.

One day you may notice that a poster displayed in a shop window is different on the side visible from the outside than the one visible from the store interior. Or you may discover at an art exhibition where works hang under the ceiling on thin strings that some of them have as if two faces – depending on where you are standing. Those are the functional advantages of double-sided posters. Make your own poster using professional poster printing services, spectacular finishing options and specific protective measures.

Double-sided poster – the custom poster with a surprise

“Have you changed posters again?” You may ask your friends whom you often pay a visit with slight jealousy. After all, not long ago there were mountain views stretching above the table in their living room, while now your travel dreams are inspired by posters with big city lights at dusk. A home gallery with a première every two weeks...

But these are not necessarily completely new posters. They may be double-sided posters instead. This is the specificity of such custom posters: they allow you to reinvent your apartment depending on the occasion or your mood. Whenever you feel like changing something, you flip the poster to enjoy a fresh effect. There is no room for boredom here.

Double-sided custom poster

Imagination shall not be restricted!

Double or nothing! Print on both sides and change the display every time you need a change.

So exciting, so diverse – enjoy a double-sided custom poster for a long time

Where do you want to hang your universal double-sided poster? In slightly humid places, near the entrance to the establishment or near a kitchenette in your apartment? In a drafty place where guests pass by all the time and sometimes may brush against the poster as they walk? This all contributes to how long you will be able to enjoy your double-sided custom poster at its best.

Poster durability also depends on the type and thickness (grammage) of the paper. Chroma offers poster printing primarily on art paper that is coated and as such is more durable:

  • gloss art paper – 130 g, 170 g, 250 g, 350 g (the higher the grammage, the thicker and more rigid the poster);
  • matte art paper – 130 g, 170 g, 250 g, 350 g.

In less problematic display areas, you may like a third option – 90 g woodfree uncoated preprint paper, used for instance in advertising.

Finishing that protects your custom poster and enhances the visual effect

Varnishing or lamination are the types of finishing that additionally attract the eye to the poster and make the paper more rigid and more resistant to weather conditions.

How can you embellish and protect your double-sided poster with Chroma’s poster printing services?

  • First of all, with High Gloss UV varnish. Your custom poster will shine with the highest attainable gloss. Furthermore, the colors of the poster will be deeper and more vivid.
  • Secondly, with Drip Off varnish. The solution is just as universal as a double-sided poster as it combines matte effect with gloss. Its specific visual quality is accompanied by a palpable structure of the varnished surface.
  • Thirdly, with gloss film.
  • Fourthly, with matte film.

For large poster printing – A1 (594 x 841 mm) and B1 (680 x 980 mm) – lamination is not available. In this case, Chroma recommends using High Gloss varnish for more eco-friendly and cheaper poster printing.

For the remaining formats – A2 (420 x 594 mm), A3 (297 x 420 mm), B2 (480 x 680 mm), B3 (336 x 480 mm) – you can choose from the full range of finishing options for your poster printing.

Double-sided custom poster

Double-sided poster with tinning means safe hanging

For every double-sided poster you can choose tinning strips to run along the short or the long side of the poster. In the upper strip, there is a hole to hang your custom poster easily.
Enjoy the final result of poster printing, characterized by high quality and attention to detail.

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