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Direct Mailing

Cancelled trade fairs
and meetings with customers?

Send them your printed marketing materials.
Price per consignment starts from 1.07 PLN/piece.

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What is
direct mailing?
czym jest direct mailing

Direct mailing is a basic tool used in direct marketing. It is so effective because it is harder to ignore mail with your name on it. We tend to sort e-mails in a rush, but we give more time and attention to traditional mail. What’s more, by having direct contact with promotional materials, we feel more positive about the content and are more likely to remember it.

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How can I order
direct mailing?

The first step is to contact the service desk and to specify the details. Please remember that we have envelopes in sizes DL, C5 and C4, and we can address up to 10,000 recipients. We price your product. Once you accept the price, we can start printing and envelope insertion. As soon as the products are ready, we can either mail them to the addresses indicated by you or deliver them directly to you, allowing you to mail them yourself.

Client contacts the Chroma service desk and provides the order details
Pricing and approval
Printing and envelope insertion
Sending bulk mail to addressees - do it yourself or leave it to us
Many possibilities
Products and their uses

Take a look below, and see that Direct Mailing is nothing complicated!
Choose a product that suits your business needs, personalise it and then mail it to the right address.


Ideal when you do not have much to say, but would like to send your customers a reminder. A short text next to an eye-catching picture draws everyone’s attention. Especially since postcards remind us of special occasions, like vacations / birthdays. Use this warm feeling to achieve your purpose!

Greeting cards / invitations

They might seem small and unimportant, but such elegant gifts are sure to make your clients feel special. They allow you to send them birthday wishes / holiday greetings, invite them to an event you are planning, inform them about a discount for frequent shoppers or simply thank them for being there.

Greeting cards and invitations

For calls to action, which is why they go well with special discounts as well as those times when you need to quickly inform your clients about something (e.g. a new location, updated menu). They are simple in form - short and eye-catching texts and interesting graphics.

Catalogues and brochures

They are a good way to present your business in a detailed and professional manner. Here you can tell your story. You have plenty of space - have fun in getting the best out of it! You can add photos and strategically place the main ideas to communicate your vision. Fill out the rest with a well-composed text.

Catalogues and brochures

Do you need to get closer to your customers? Letters have such power - the power of building personal relationships. With their help, you can successfully introduce yourself to people who have just become your customers. You can also ask existing customers about what would increase their satisfaction level - simply attach a survey and a return envelope. To find out more about personalisation and mailing service costs, send us an e-mail: