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Decorative Paper Business Cards

True soul products! Decorated with the paper itself!

Whenever you think of a business card, you usually have in mind a rectangular (rarely square) piece of paper to you give to your business partner during a business meeting. There is a wide range of business cards available in the market. You can order embossed business cards, Multiloft business cards, double-sided business cards, gold foil business cards.

We can see mainly the final effect, but we rarely focus on the material the business card is made of – the paper. We tend to treat it as something obvious, something that accompanies us on a daily basis every step of the way. Tickets, books, newspapers – all this is printed for one purpose. In order to give the digital data that usually circulate on the web a physical form for their better portability and assimilation.

It is not the same for business cards. They carry the details about the owner and their job title, but they are also used to emphasize professionalism and elegance. Custom business cards build the image and reputation of the whole company. This is why customers like to use unusual formats and finishing for their business cards, such as Soft Touch film or spot gloss.

And why not use unique paper to give your business cards a distinctive look? Decorative paper business cards are a noteworthy solution.

Decorative Paper Business Cards

Decorate your data!

Decorative paper communicates its quality and is truly in a class of its own.
So unique that it doesn't need additional finishings!
Decorative Paper Business Cards

What is decorative paper for premium business cards?

Such business cards do not need a finish because the paper on which they were printed is a sufficient distinguishing factor. Decorative paper – premium paper – is also environmentally friendly, as confirmed by relevant certificates.

This is an excellent choice for those who care about sustainable development based on wise use of the available resources but do not want to compromise on esthetics. Such clients need something minimalistic that will make a good impression on their business partners but is at the same time easy to manufacture.

Before we answer the question about the essence of the decorative paper used by Chroma to print business cards, let us first define paper. It is a type of fibrous mass of organic origin with a specific grammage (basis weight). It also contains additives (inorganic filling agents) such as minerals, plus chemicals and dies.

Decorative paper is a luxury version of regular paper. When used to make business cards, such paper ensures high quality, an excellent shade of white and eco-friendliness confirmed with a relevant certificate. Decorative paper intended for business card printing has high grammage. It is usually above 200 g/m2. Chroma offers four types of decorative paper:

  • Keaykolour Snow White 300 g
  • Cyclus Offset 350 g
  • Rives Dot 250 g
  • Rives Sensation Tactile 270 g

Decorative Paper Business Cards

Choose either silver or ecologically certified paper!
First impressions are the most... decorated!

Decorative paper is not all

If you decide to print business cards on decorative paper in the Chroma online printing shop, you can choose additional solutions for a more original final product. In the configuration process, you can pick rounded corners (two or all four) for a more unique effect. You can also opt for a hole in one end to attach an elegant string. This gives your business card an unusual retro look.

The Chroma online printing shop prints decorative paper business cards even for small order volumes of 50 copies. The maximum available print run is 5000 business cards.

Eco-friendly business card printing for everyone

Eco-friendly business cards gain importance nowadays. More and more companies incorporate the principles of corporate social responsibility, fair trade and sustainability in their business. The commitment within such an approach is to follow the sustainable development concept in all aspects of company operations. Also in such a mundane aspect as decorative paper business card printing.

Eco-friendly business cards combine image-building with respect for the environment. This means returning to the basics, to the tradition of using minimalistic but high-quality objects – properly designed and elegant.

It's good to know more!

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