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Custom Posters
One site, limitless possibilities!

Our solutions will help you customize your poster according to your vision!

You need a custom poster, only a poster, or rather 10,000 posters. But for yesterday, because you have just learnt that the planned campaign has been launched after all. And poster hanging should start any minute now.

You still do not know if you need laminated posters or perhaps tear-off posters. You have not been given any instructions on that matter. You will make the decisions as it goes, ad hoc. Especially for you, Chroma’s configurator has a Custom Posters module.

Custom Posters

There is a lot to choose from but don’t worry – it’s going to be easy

Chroma offers various types of custom posters. You can print political campaign posters, advertising posters, information posters, screen printed posters, posters to decorate the interiors.

In terms of technical aspects, those can be:

  • large-format posters
  • premium posters
  • single-sided posters
  • double-sided posters
  • laminated posters
  • varnished posters
  • slide binding posters
  • tear-off posters

As far as formats of your custom posters are concerned, Chroma offers a wide range: A1, A2, A3, B1, B2, B3.

In the Custom Posters module for poster printing, these options have been transparently gathered in one place. Presented with a neatly organized full range of papers, colors and formats, you can easily configure complete customized posters meeting your expectations.

Custom Posters
When time matters!
Our formats, paper, and colors will let you send your order for execution in just a few minutes.
Convenience of proven solutions!
Working space when you are in need of an absolute classic.

1/1, 4/0 – what is this?

While choosing colors on the Custom Posters webpage, you will encounter the following options: ‘color – both sides 4/4’ and ‘black – one side 1/0.’ Those are references used in the printing industry, not at all that difficult.

  • ‘Color – both sides 4/4’ means that all four colors from the CMYK color scheme, that is Cyan, Magenta, Yellow and Black, will be applied on both sides of the poster (because posters can be double-sided).
  • ‘Color – one side 4/0’ – one side of the poster will be printed in the full range of CMYK colors.
  • ‘Black – both sides 1/1’ – both sides of the poster will be printed with one CMYK color, in this case Black. Colloquially speaking, you will receive a double-sided black and white poster.
  • ‘Black – one side 1/0’ – one color, Black on one side. Single-sided black and white poster.
Types of paper

Stop for a minute (two minutes top) to pick the paper

In the Custom Posters section of Chroma's website, you can choose from 6 types of poster paper. Avoid a random choice. Let’s say you are preparing political campaign posters. Think whether they are intended to be hung indoors or outdoors.

Here is the briefest possibly summary of the papers available in Chroma’s configurator:

  • Gloss and matter art papers are coated papers, more durable, highly conducive to color poster printing. Both art paper types come in grammages of 130 g, 170 g, 250 g and 350 g. The higher the grammage, the more rigid and lasting the poster.
  • 90 g preprint is a woodfree offset paper with enhanced whiteness. It is used for instance in the advertising industry.

Add a finish – it is always worth it

Print finishing techniques, such as lamination or varnishing, are used to improve the esthetic values of materials. They make any packaging or custom poster stand out and shine – both literally and metaphorically speaking.

A finish is invaluable wherever the form of communication should suggest premium quality, a luxurious nature, something truly special. In poster printing, the protective properties of finish are also of tremendous importance. A laminated or varnished custom poster is more rigid and durable, and as such, more resistant to weather conditions.

While navigating the Custom Posters section, you will notice the options High Gloss UV varnish and Drip Off varnish. What is the difference between these two?

  • High Gloss UV is a varnish that increases the gloss of the varnished surface to the highest possible extent. Furthermore, it makes the colors of poster prints more vivid and brighter. This effect cannot go unnoticed.
  • Drip Off is a hybrid varnish that combines the properties of a gloss and matte varnish. One of its interesting characteristics is that it gives the coated surface a palpable coarse texture.

It's good to know more!

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