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Custom Business Cards

Convenient configuration — all parameters at your disposal in one place!

Business cards represent your company. They may seem a little old-fashioned in the era of common online communications. Still, their significance is tremendous. It means that you had a certain interaction with someone you have met in person. You established a relation that has the potential of being transformed into a business relation. It is not the same as contact through social media or by e-mail. This is what business cards are about.

Create business cards to advertise your brand

They are also something more. If properly designed, they speak volumes about your brands. They are one of the basic branding tools. Order business cards to present the DNA of your brand and to communicate its values and positioning. Do not underestimate your business cards. Take the time to design your custom business cards properly – after all, they convey a message for many years.

Prepare your business cards at the stage of designing the corporate identity manual. Tiny printed materials are a good test for the logo you are planning. Make sure it remains legible even if printed in a small format, such as a business card.

Custom Business Cards

A solution for professionals!

Use available paper, formats, and embellishments — swiftly configure a business card that will suit your needs and taste.

Choose from a plethora of possibilities to create business cards

Do you want full control over the process of designing your custom business cards? The Custom Business Cards section in the configurator on the website of the online printing shop is the right place for you.

You have all the available business card printing options in one place. It is up to you which ones you choose. It is a solution for professionals.

If you know exactly what effect you are looking for, make a choice from the business card configuration possibilities provided for you. But if you are uncertain, first browse the ready configurations to explore the most popular available business card types.

  • Standard Business Cards
  • Raised Spot Gloss Business Cards
  • Silver Foil Business Cards
  • Gold Foil Business Cards
  • Premium Business Cards
  • Square Business Cards
  • Swing Tags Business Cards
  • Decorative Paper Business Cards
  • Folded Business Cards
  • Chroma Promoting Business Cards
  • Multiloft Business Cards
  • Multiloft NFC Business Cards
  • Multiloft Magnet Business Cards
Convenient configuration

Custom Business Cards

Find out more about this perfect place to configure your perfect product from start to end!
Compose elements freely and conveniently, finalize orders. Let's get to work!

If you still have not found your desired effect, think what to choose from the full configuration options. Use the available papers, formats and embellishments to quickly create business cards matching your needs and tastes.

Business cards are available in several formats:

  • 85 x 55 mm (credit card format)
  • 90 x 50 mm
  • 65 x 65 mm (square)
  • 85 x 25 mm

Order single-sided or double-sided business cards. Depending on your needs, use the other side to advertise your business or to complement the front-page design.

You can also choose from several types of decorative paper:

  • Gloss art paper 350 g/m2
  • Matte art paper 350 g/m2
  • Keaykolour Snow White 300 g/m2 – elegant decorative dyed-through paper with a naturally smooth surface. The snow whiteness is perfect for sophisticated business card designs.
  • Cyclus Offset 350 g/m2 – decorative eco-friendly recycled paper, uncoated. Choose it to communicate your company’s sensitivity and respect for the environment through your custom business cards.
  • Rives Dot 250 g/m2 – modern, gently embossed paper. It adds elegance and class to any business card.
  • Rives Sensation Tactile 270 g/m2 – decorative paper with a very gentle coated surface. It enhances the color saturation and makes your business cards look more appealing without losing the natural character of uncoated paper.

Print business cards with finishing and in unusual shapes

A company business card can gain a lot through finishing. You can cover it with gloss film or Soft Skin film for a smooth velour-like effect. Or opt for spot gloss for a unique and distinctive look. Transform your business card from a flat piece of paper to a sensual experience with raised elements. You can also pick gold or silver film. Both options will add prestige to your brand.
If you design business cards on the Custom Business Cards webpage, you can also use punching. A hole transforms a standard business card into a swing tag business card. Or you may have your custom business cards rounded – either on two opposite corners or on all four corners.

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