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Chroma Promoting Business Cards

Cooperate with the biggest player!
Let's share the business card's surface, which will bring you additional benefits.

WChroma promoting business cards are a way to meet the expectations of a specific group of clients who need printed business cards. The printing shop prints business cards for anyone. If you expect sophisticated and unique business cards with a special finish, choose between embossed business cards, film-coated business cards, gold foil business cards or silver foil business cards. They may come in non-standard shapes, for instance as squares.

On the opposite pole, there are clients who value simplicity and good price. After all, as the management guru Peter Drucker claims, every enterprise has only two basic functions: marketing and innovation. Everything else is a cost.

In the spirit of those words, many entrepreneurs believe that the functionality of a printed object is of primary importance. Their business cards contain the basic details of the owner: job title, company address, phone number, e-mail address, company website – this way, they fulfil their function. Any additional finishing is merely an extra cost.

Those clients are the target group of Chroma promoting business cards.

Chroma Promoting Business Cards

Print business cards with an advertisement of the printing shop

The option is most of all easy to configure. One format (90 x 50 mm), one paper type (matte art paper) and one color combination (one side 4/0). Everything is instantly clear. You can order even one million Chroma promoting business cards.
The mutual benefit is what matters most. You order the business cards, you have the exclusive right in the design on the front side, while the space overleaf is shared with Chroma. Chroma appreciates this additional advertising opportunity and in return reduces the price, which is much lower than for standard business cards.
Chroma Promoting Business Cards

A win-win partnership

It used to be said that advertising is the key to business success. This is still true, but the competition between various advertising messages is growing. There are more and more channels of reaching the consumers – from business cards and printed catalogs through online advertising and events to TV commercials. The presence in each of those channels is costly.

How can you overcome that challenge? One could say that another key to business success is a partnership between enterprises.

With the growing complexity of the world of business, it is hard for a single company to monitor all the process, markets, technological and social changes. This is why various entities, often from different industries, tend to form alliances. They resolve a particular problem by bridging each other’s gaps in terms of competencies or resources. This, of course, requires analyzing and identifying each other’s strengths and weaknesses.

In the case of printed business cards, Chroma allows you to save the time and offers you a partnership that is quick, intuitive and almost automatic. It does so in line with the concept of an online printing shop, where software and IT technologies speed up and streamline the process of printing business materials. It simply offers its strength to allow other companies to bridge their gaps in designing, financing and printing graphic materials.

Chroma Promoting Business Cards

Expect benefits!

ou can display yourself and your data and advertise CHROMA at the same time — cooperation pays off!
An economical and beneficial solution — for both sides.

Chroma Promoting Business Cards – An economical solution without aggressive advertising

Chroma’s advertisement overleaf your business card is a special design. It represents smoke in various distinctive colors: green, red, yellow and blue. They all intertwine to create a coherent composition contrasting with the uniform black background. It is an advertisement but also a decorative element that distinguishes your business card from all others.

As such, Chroma promoting business cards offer dual benefits to our clients. They receive savings, cost reduction and a good-looking product.

Business savings no longer need to be a stressful issue. Chroma offers you a partnership where you benefit financially, at the same time receiving a high-quality product. The product will consist of business cards properly designed by professional graphic artists and perfectly printed on state-of-the-art printing machines. And shipped for free in Poland in no time. Introduce yourself, present your details and gain a reliable partner in the Chroma online printing shop.

Chroma Promoting Business Cards

As simply as possible!

One format, one-sided print — the easiest parameter setting possible.
An option for those who are looking for traditional solutions and for whom time really matters!

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