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Catalog of calendars

Create your own calendar with our calendar catalog.
Discover the possibilities of our printing house.
Just skim our catalog!

Everyone in a company needs a calendar, regardless of their job title: the CEO, Board Members and reception desk staff. A calendar is indispensable at home too. So it would seem that since all calendars show the same months and days, since they are so common, it should be easy to buy a calendar.

However, calendars are purchased seasonally – for obvious reasons, usually in the second half of the year. Buying one calendar may be easy. Things get more challenging if you have to buy ten or fifty.

Calendar catalog – all in one place

  • What calendars can you choose for a business gift?
  • Wall calendars, two-month reference calendars?

As a result, the process of choosing calendars may drag and unnecessarily take up time. This has been solved by the Chroma online printing shop which offers:

  • three-month reference calendars
  • one-month reference calendars
  • pocket calendars
  • desk calendars
  • spiral-bound calendars
  • school calendars
  • and many more.

The custom calendar printing services offered by the Chroma online printing shop are presented in a way that makes your choice easy. Now you can count on additional assistance in the form of a calendar catalog, which is a bridge between an online and traditional shopping experience.

A computer or smartphone screen cannot replace the experience of interacting with the real world. The human brain learns best through physical contact: touch and stimulation of several senses. With a calendar catalog, you can combine the quickness and convenience of online shopping with the experience of interacting with a physical product.

The calendar catalog gathers all calendar variants offered by the Chroma online printing shop in one place. It takes just a few minutes to order a custom catalog online.

Additional advantages include the possibility of choosing between white print and fluo prepared on HP Indigo 12000 in the HP ElectroInk technology. Before you make your own calendar, order a calendar catalog; the order volume limit is ten.

Catalog of calendars

Get inspired by our "serving recommendation" of the catalog.

Reuse its elements in your materials.
A signature product delivered straight to you!
Full of our machines, possibilities, printing technology and paper types.
Catalog of calendars

Catalog for an easier choice

If you want to create your own calendar, there are more advantages the calendar catalog gives. The next one is connected with psychology. As textbooks teach, people experience a paradox of choice. This means that an abundance of options makes it harder to choose.

The possibilities offered by the Chroma online printing shop may not be infinite, but they are definitely vast. It is hard to browse the whole portfolio and decide whether you want a three-month reference calendar, a school calendar or a slide binding calendar. Or perhaps a saddle-stitched calendar?

Order a catalog with all types of custom calendars to resolve the paradox of choice. The range of calendars to choose from remains wide, but the decision comes more easily if it is presented on paper.

Catalog of calendars

Tradition merged with modernity – make your own calendar with

If you order a calendar catalog, you will soon receive a top quality printed publication. The word ‘calendar’ comes from ‘kalendae,’ which is Latin for the first day of the month, or from ‘callendarium.’ Both words were already used in ancient Rome. In Poland, wall calendar printing started as early as in the seventeenth century. This shows the power of the tradition of representing time in connection with the cycles of nature.

The development of technology has permitted quick, cost-effective and high-quality calendar printing. Not only did the Internet fail to reduce the demand, but it allowed businesses to stand out with high-quality materials printed on the right paper. At the end of the year, calendars are the perfect gift for business clients or partners. Order a calendar catalog to create your own calendar for any occasion.

Every calendar catalog includes:

  • a technical description of every calendar
  • a calendar picture
  • a full calendar description

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